SDK Library
MicroStrategy SDK Experts
Whether you are looking to extend the out-of-the-box functionality, develop a standalone application that consumes MicroStrategy data, or build custom visualizations, we have options for you. The following examples represent some of the things we’ve done for our clients.

Corporate Branding
  • White labeling of MicroStrategy Web
  • Standard visual branding such as logos, fonts, colours
  • Customization of MicroStrategy Mobile

  • Map integration with Esri Location Platform
  • Map integration with Google Maps
  • Display dimensional data in an Org-chart format
  • Integration from third-party visualization framework
  • Custom Visualizations for MicroStrategy Mobile
Functional Plugins
  • Dynamically defaulting of selectors
  • Dynamic grouping of dimensional data on-the-fly
  • Display external content over report data
  • Customized workflows for folder, report, or document
  • Customized UI event triggering
  • Conditional display of folder attributes
  • Separation of I-Server projects across different web servers
  • Automatic prompt answering from various sources
  • Narrowcast service execution from MicroStrategy Web
  • Compare SQL between two reports
  • Single Sign-On integration for SAML2, Google Apps, oAuth2, or custom identity providers
Contact us today to discuss you specific requirements or to learn more about any of the products we’ve built for other clients.
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