BI Maturity
Our vast project experience working at all levels within organizations and plethora of experience with technical products uniquely position us to serve as an advisor to our clients. Our BI Maturity Assessment Methodology (MAM) applied to your business will immediately provide you with insight into your organization’s ability to execute strategically, tactically, and operationally. Understanding your maturity level and shortcomings will help you shape project investments so they have the most impact and produce a worthwhile return on investment. A sample of questions that we typically ask as part of our process:

  • How accessible is your data?
  • Is information available before decisions are made?
  • How many systems can provide you with the same information?
  • How accurate is your information?
Specialized Assessments
Our comprehensive framework has been applied many times to assess the state of Business Intelligence and its dependent components, however, the methodology can also be applied to any other area. Contact us to discuss your assessment needs.
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