Data Prep, Loading, and Publishing
As a group of industry veterans, we’ve been witness to the pain organizations face in trying to organize siloed data sources across the enterprise. Many “systems” are born out of the creation of quick and dirty solutions using Excel. Managing and integrating data created by these systems with enterprise information is challenging and often requires formalized IT processes that include re-development of the system or custom data management processes. InfoLite is a self-service data hub which allows data stewards, power users, business users, developers, or just about anyone to quickly load, manage, and publish data to the enterprise. InfoLite provides a set of complementary tools to encourage proper stewardship of data by providing organizations with glue to connect local data sources with the enterprise.
  • Help consolidate departmental datasets
  • Load CSV, Excel, or JSON files
  • Allow governance per data source
  • Data Glossary and Data Dictionary
  • Allow schedule-based automation of data loads
  • Reduced demand on IT resources
  • No coding skills required
  • Publish data to REST Endpoints easily
  • Create derived columns and apply rules
  • Manage centralized datasets
  • Data type heuristics
  • Database to Database loading

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