EasyNav – Simplify The Dashboard Experience
Enhances the user experience when navigating MicroStrategy Report Services™ dashboards with related content without losing selections. Create applications that maximize the end-user experience by automatically providing a customized dashboard view for every user.

  • Retains user selections across dashboard selectors
  • Defaults time-based selector elements based on transformed system date
  • Default selector values can be set per user or group
  • Pass single or multiple values between dashboards
  • Does not force persistence for every selector
  • Supports all selector control types
  • Author-configurable rules at server, project, or selector level
  • Use of prompts not required
  • Plug-in deployment; up and running in minutes
  • No training required
  • High-performance

  • Allows selections to apply to all dashboards within user session
  • Increase user efficiency by always presenting the most relevant data first
  • Gain granular control over dashboard security without the need for security filters
  • Create meaningful workflows that retain analyst focus by maintaining context
  • Increase dashboard performance
  • Preselect elements, simplifying dashboard usage
  • Simplifies user experience and increases efficiency
  • Use MicroStrategy Report Services™ and EasyNav to create “mini” applications

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