Etico joins SAS Global Alliance Program

07 Oct, 2015

Ottawa, Ontario – Etico, Inc, a leading provider of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions, today announced that it has joined the SAS Global Alliance Program with the SAS Institute Canada.

This partnership will allow Etico to leverage state of the art technology and offer additional options to their customers. Having access to the SAS platform will enable Etico to offer the companies it serves, including government departments, sophisticated and advanced analytics solutions. SAS’ data integration platform is a perfect fit within Etico’s various data management solutions and frameworks.

About SAS
SAS is a software suite developed by SAS Institute for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management and predictive analysis. SAS was originally developed at North Carolina State University over four decades ago. Today, SAS has grown to be a major cutting edge player in the field of analytics and data science.

About Etico
For more than 10 years Etico has strived to provide it’s customers with first-class data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. Building solutions to ensure each customer’s unique needs are met, Etico is constantly looking to adapt, evolve and improve.

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