MicroStrategy Announces GA of Mobile Product

06 Jul, 2010

MicroStrategy has announced general availability of MicroStrategy Mobile, a platform which easily extends applications to the iPhone and iPad platforms.

With this product, users can quickly make their existing reports, graphs, and report services documents available on the mobile device with little or no work effort. This release of MicroStrategy Mobile also takes full advantage of the native capabilities offered by the iPhone and iPad to deliver an enhanced business intelligence experience. Features such as multi-touch for intuitive data navigation, accelerometer for viewing different perspectives, integrated mapping that provides visualization of geospatial data, BI specific gestures for drilling, and many more. The product was designed for high performance as it leverages multiple layers of caching, allowing results to be delivered in seconds. It also extends the robust security model offered with the rest of the MicroStrategy platform and is highly scalable.

The MicroStrategy Mobile app can be downloaded for free on the Apple App store. A version for the iPhone exists, as well as a version for the iPad.

For information on how Etico Software can help your organization leverage the MicroStrategy Mobile platform to build and deploy apps, contact our sales department at (613) 225-6414 or by email at sales@eticosoftware.com.

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